As I’m writing this blog post I’m looking at a brand-new bottle of GBG’s 10 one Chewable Vitamin. The new formula has added a probiotic blend to help with digestion. You will also find an age defying antioxidant blend including Resveratrol, Coenzyme Q-10, Lutein, Turmeric Root extract and more.

It’s hard to imagine such a great tasting chewable vitamin packs so many healthy ingredients. With over 110 nutrients and 67 different trace minerals your body is sure to perform at peak levels the way it was intended to.

What’s even better is I get paid to share this amazing product with other people. In fact GBG’s pay plan is copyrighted and one of the most powerful ways to earn residual income that I have ever seen. Imagine making the sale once and getting paid for life.

With the addition of Dr. Mindell GBG’s product line has gained a great deal of credibility. If you’re not familiar with Dr. Mindell, I recommend you pick up a copy of the vitamin Bible. This book has a wealth of information about vitamins, eating habits, and how you can maintain higher levels of health.

Although Dr. Mindell has joined forces with GBG the opportunity is still the same. We have the ability to share products that everyday people need and use and we get paid for doing it. Not only that, but we’re allowed to build sales teams at GBG and leverage our efforts through other people.

As one of the GBG family team top leaders I make myself as available as possible for training and support. We also have one of the most powerful Internet marketing systems on the planet. We never charge extra for our training and tools and I make it my personal mission to help everyone succeed with GBG.

If you’re looking for more information I recommend that you research about our CEO Stuart finger. This man started GBG over 14 years ago with one thing in mind, to help other people make money. Stuart is a good Christian man with good morals and great work ethic. I wouldn’t choose to be in business with any other person.

In conclusion I must say now is the right time if you’re looking to get started with GBG. We haven’t even scratched the surface is far as products go and when this thing gets as big as some other companies out there distributors will be sharing in the worldwide bonus pools and lives will be positively affected forever.

I would like to thank you for doing your research and taking time to find out more about GBG and if you have any questions I encourage you to call me at home: 845-849-1658. I am a real person and I do answer my phone. I look forward to speaking with you and have a blessed day.




Keith Kearney

GBG Co Owner Michael Kahn and Presidential Platinum Keith Kearney

Yes indeed, GBG has recently added an additional 10 bonus pools to their already amazing compensation plan. GBG distributors that qualify will be sharing in up to 20% of the company (10 In One) gross sales.

As if this wasn’t awesome enough the qualifications to earn in these bonus pools have to be some of the easiest I’ve seen in this industry. CEO Stuart Finger had designed the GBG pay plan in mind of helping average people to earn a living.

Let’s take a look at how powerful this 20% sharing plan really is:


1 Million in sales for the month = $2oo,000 or 20% dispersed into the pools

1% bonus pools = $10,000 in each pool

20 bonus pools total $200,000 shared with distributors.

Now of course qualifying for these pools will rely soley upon your ability to advance through the pay plan, but what I do know is GBG roughly has 100,000 active distributors in the US and Canada. We recently expanded into Ghana Africa and I hear news about Korea and Nigeria as well. Think about the hundreds of thousands of people that will be contributing to these bonus pools World Wide.

Lets see what Co Owner Michael Kahn has to say about all of this. Click play to watch the video below.

Michael Kahn Explains GBG’s Profit Sharing Program by Keith_Kearney

We’ve developed a strategy to enroll Platinum Members and I myself have already qualified for 6 out of a possible 20 bonus pools. Life is Good and GBG is truly Guided By God! Join the GBG Family Team today as a Platinum Member and position yourself for a Global Expansion. Pleasecall me directly at home if you have any questions at all.

keith kearney
Presidential Platinum

Introducing Brand NEW Weight Loss Management By GBG! WillPower in a Bottle is truly the BEST energy weight loss supplement money can buy. Watch the amazing video below and new customers receive a FREE Copy of “The Vitamin Bible” By Dr. Mindell.


Last week at the GBG Training Seminar in Tampa Bay Florida,CEO Stuart Finger unveiled part of a new product line up, specifically geared towards helping people manage their weight. With the brillance and charm that has guided the company through its 15 years thus far, Finger introduced “Willpower In a Bottle”, the company’s first diet management supplement. Ruefully admitting he himself had been using the product, Finger wasn’t shy about the 14 pounds he’d already lost.


One of the main consultants behind Willpower in a Bottle, is Dr. Carol Forman


Healthy Weight Loss By GBG

Helerstein, who also spoke seminar this past Saturday April the 30th. With a 20 year history in the health and wealthness industry, Dr. Helerstein was able to shed valuable insight into the misdirection that has led many Americans into lifestyles rife with obesity. Our cultural issues with both food portions and nutrional values are creating what she refers to as “the perfect storm”.

Dr. Helerstein identified key indicators that as a nation we’re losing control of over what and how we eat. A great example: The newly built Yankee stadium- beloved symbol that it is- was created with 33,000 less seats. Our seats have gotten bigger in relation to our waistlines, and that’s a price many people will pay at the ticket office.

So how can Willpower In a Bottle help? For starters, it was designed to put good and useful supplements into your body- not the blood pressure raising stimulants of more commercially advertised products. Examples of this are ingredients like Fucoxanthin, a seaweed extract that stimulates the catalysation of fat cells (white adipose tissue) and Tyrosine, which is an amino acid used to stimulate protein synthesis. There are also natural supplements to aid in appetite reduction- to help reset the body’s demands for unnecessary quantities of food we can’t always absorb or use effectively.

Imagine being satisfied with less food. Feeling content enough to walk away from the table, but energized enough to keep moving around. Unfortunately, mixed messages about food exist everywhere around us and they make it really difficult to tune into what our bodies are asking for. That’s why Stuart Finger settled on the name “Willpower in A Bottle”. For many of us, it takes more than just celery sticks and the treadmill at the gym to get back in shape. For many of us, Willpower may just be the answer.