Here’s a few ideas on how to start your own home business with GBG!

Find a GBG mentor and or successfull team you can join and work with.

Write out a business gameplan which should include your monthly advertising budget and weekly business goals.

Write out a list of friends and business contacts you can talk to about your new GBG home business.

Consider purchasing a GBG Platinum package so you have product to share with others.

Plug into an online marketing system that will help you build your list of GBG contacts over the internet.

Note: GBG is a mult vitamin and mineral supplement so be sure to order at least one bottle and begin using GBG daily.

GBG’s top paying position is “Presidential Platinum”
Requirements: Enroll 3 direct Platinums (you must also be a Platinum)

Work as quickly as possible towards becoming a Presidential Platinum. This will qualify you for the first bonus pool.

Qualifying for the GBG bonus pools is esentialy like owning stock in the company. It’s the most powerful way to earn in network marketing and in my opinion the least risky.

About 95% of people who start there own home business have no business experience what so ever so remember to give it time. Be realisitc in your expectations and work hard to achieve your goals.


ikeith kearney
Presidential Platinum

The Top GBG Leaders are using a simple concept to build their businesses and accelerate through the pay plan with ease! Enroll just 3 personal Platinums and earn your Presidential Platinum promotion (Top Position in GBG). No other company has a pay plan like GBG, and when you factor in the product, (GBG 10 In One) and the cost ($39.97 per bottle) there is just no competition what so ever.

My Family and Loyal GBG Customers

Imagine earning a few thousand per month and teaching others to do the same. The new GBG Sampling System works and it’s more than tripled my business in the past few months. It’s quite easy to rise to the top of the pay plan and with my personal experience better than 1 out of 4 people are joining off the Free Samples. Most Likely you won’t have to go through hundreds of people to get your promotion and begin earning at the Presidential Platinum Level.

I recommend everyone invest in the samples but if you’re current budget doesn’t allow it, then I’ve got you covered. Fortunately the Samples are working well for me and yes, I am making a nice profit giving them out for FREE! I stock pile a bunch of these bad boys and would be willing send a few freebies out to your customers on YOUR behalf. This way you get the credit when they join and I also get paid. It’s a true Win, Win situation.

Just take a look at the GBG 10 Commitments and Blueprint for Success. They are the 2 road maps for you to follow with detailed instructions on how to stay committed and build a strong residual income with GBG. We provide the conference calls, training webinars, and marketing tools you need to market GBG successfully both on and offline.

GBG even has a World Wide Profit Sharing Pool where the company shares up to 10% of the 10 In One product sales with us, the GBG distributors. Of course there are certain requirements you will need to fulfill in order to take part in the Profit Sharing but anything that good is worth working for, in my opinion.

We’re currently looking for a handful of people to mentor to the Top of GBG. Experience is not required but will be helpful. If you are looking for a sponsor to join then, why not join a team instead? When you join with me, You’re joining The GBG Family Team and together we will coach you to success.

If you have any questions please call me anytime 845-849-1658

Onward and Upward,

GBG Presidential Platinum
Keith Kearney

Free GBG Samples

Request a Free GBG Sample and DVD

It’s actually quite an easy concept! Join GBG and bring 2 people with you. This will automatically qualify you for 10 levels of forced matrix pay. 

How you may ask?

Order a 30 pack of sample kits and immediately begin sharing these with friends, family and other online marketers.

I’ve already burned through my warm market….What do I do?

That’s easy too! Join me on Facebook and watch how simple it is to connect with other network marketers that are interested in receiving a free sample of GBG 10 In One.

But what if I can’t afford the samples Keith?

I’ve got you covered there as well! I can assist you in getting some sample packs out to a few of your friends and business partners free of charge. Currently I have over 200 sample kits in stock and plan on ordering a bunch more seeing our business literally tripled in volume just last month! The sample kits are working and people that were struggling are now signing up 5, 6, and 7 people personally their first month.

But you don’t need to sign up 7 people. All you need to do is sign up 2 people and teach those 2 people how to do the same. If you were to copy this method down through 10 levels of your matrix you would be earning a minimum of $2,048 per month with GBG! That is excluding potential “pay points” you will accumulate if you decide to take it one step further and bring more than 2 people personally.

Pay points are the copyrighted part of the GBG pay plan. This concept will allow you to double, triple or quadruple your residual income on a monthly basis, and this is no hype. The $2,048 I was talking about before is without pay points and yes it is a mathematical certainty.

Click here and watch this full video. It will totally explain everything and if you have any questions after watching than please call me directly at home and I will personally share this amazing concept with you.



GBG Presidential Platinum
Keith Kearney