Doing your homework before committing to starting your own business from home and it’s extremely important that you find out both the positives and negatives of working with any particular company. Do you think its possible to research an MLM company, like GBG Health and Wellness and not find anything negative? In this day and age, with all the information available on the Internet, its almost impossible to make a claim like that. But after doing some investigative digging, on both the company, its members, its compensation plan and its products, I think you can safely draw the same conclusion I have.

If you’re unfamiliar with GBG, the important points you need to know is they are a Christian based Vitamin and Nutrional products company. Their acronym actually stands for “Guided by God”, a factor so important to CEO Stuart Finger he put in the company name. Their most well known product, the 10-in-One Liquid Formula, retains a unique position in a market that makes it quite difficult to do so.

So many people complain they simply don’t “feel” their vitamins working. Well GBG tackled this problem by offering a vitamin with an assimilation formula that enables our bodies to absorb and utilize more of it. And what you’re assimilating is all the nutritional equivalents of the foods we’re supposed to eat, but simply can’t afford the time or money too. For example, each dose of GBG contains the Vitamin C content of 50 orange slices, the Vitamin D of 4 cups of Milk and the Vitamin B12 of 167 eggs just to name a few.

GBG 10 In One Goes Chewable

GBG delivers a necessary product with the convenience our modern lives demand. And now because they offer the same power packed formula in a Chewable Tablet form, that convenience extends to portability as well.  The Chewable tablet also includes 2 new additions to the GBG formula: Green Tea, for healthy energy and anti-oxidants and Resveratrol, for anti aging properties. Essentially, its the little afternoon pick me up you’re looking for without all the caffeine and sugar. And I’ve saved the best for last. For a lot of us, the Compensation Plans for most MLM’s appears to be a lot of smoke and mirrors and unfortunately not a lot of money. That’s why GBG’s pay plan isn’t just great, its revolutionary.

A 2×30 Forced Matrix so good it has it’s own copyright. Now The Forced Matrix compensation plan is not new by all means but GBG added a powerful twist, allowing reps to get paid multiple times on the sale of each product in their Matrix. No other company can do what GBG has done and knowing that the company has been in business for 14 years and still using the exact copy of the Residual Matrix will show you there is just not any room left to improve.

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