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Good News! We just got word from Stuart Finger The GBG Free Sample Contest has been granted an extension! All GBG members now have until April 30th to enroll 10 new customers. For every 10 customers you personally enroll, GBG of Nevada will send you a Free 30 pack of sample kits.

For those of you building your business via the sample system, you understand how important it is to pass this information on to your reps. Many are experiencing success handing out Free samples because it gives your potential clients a chance to “try before they buy.” And in the skeptical world that we live in, and sometimes a quick sample is all one needs to make the decision to move forward and pursue building a business or becoming a customer with GBG.

Personally, our results with the new sample kits have been almost unbelievable. Our team is starting to explode. More than 50 people joined our team just last month and I was only responsible for enrolling 9 of those 56. That means, its not just me and one other guy finding interested new people. We have others duplicating and buliding there own teams. We’re only 4 days in to March and already we’ve racked up over $1,100 in volume and added 10 new reps. 

But what’s even more exciting is I haven’t enrolled one single person so far this the month.

And that’s the real value in Team Work. It’s really is a dream come true to wake up and see new team sign ups every single day. I couldn’t be more proud of our team and the people I work with. Team unity is important and that’s what the GBG Family is all about. We provide live trainings weekly with Q&A sessions, and I’m available by phone and email 7 days a week to help you grow and build your GBG business. We provide you with work out partners to help keep you focused and on track to hit your goals. And believe me- we not only set goals, we achieve them in a timely fashion.

Now is the time and GBG is the place! You have until April 30th to enroll 10 new reps and secure yourself a free 30 pack of sample kits (valued at $99 in your GBG back office) This is a great incentive to get your business moving in the right direction. Join me today in GBG and I will personally work with you until you achieve that goal and begin growing your very own GBG Business. 

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