GBG a health and wellness company located in Vacaville California announced yesterday in a company e-mail that they would be launching their newest product the “GBG 1 Day Diet” on March 20th, 2012. GBG is well known for their 10-In-One multivitamin and super formula but with the addtion of Dr. Mindell (newest member on the Scientific Advisory Board) GBG has been able to create a weight loss program suitable for the masses at a lower price then many of their competitors offer.


With every two out of three Americans classified as overweight I’d say GBG is wisely moving into a profitable market, and with over 90% of their “1-day diet” test subjects experiencing positive results I would imagine the new weight loss program will be a smashing success.

I believe the key to helping Americans lose weight and generate income from home is “duplication.” Introduce them to a product that works, then show them how to introduce three people to that very same product, and PRESTO! Your diet is free. How many people would stay on a diet that works if it were free? How many people know others that would be interested in losing 20, 40, 80, or even as much as a 150 lbs this summer?

Well my friends that’s the magic of GBG. “Get 3 and your diet is free.” If you’re even remotely interested in starting your own home business then you best be prepared to sign up at least three others. In most cases you would need to sign up more than three just to break even and that’s typical throughout the work from home industry, but GBG recognized this flaw and designed a product/system that defies the so called laws of network marketing.

On March 20th GBG will also launch their brand-new 1 Day Diet website along with new marketing tools, new DVDs, and new postcard flyers to help distributors build their business like never before. I also belive GBG’s amazing copyrighted pay plan that allows distributors to get paid 2, 3, 5 or even 10 times on the same order will play a major role in one’s success, so if you’re not familiar with the pay plan you can get yourself up to speed by clicking the link below. Or if you have any questions feel free to call me at home for more info.






Keith Kearney