GBG Opens up Opportunities in Ghana

The GBG explosion that’s sweeping North America is going Inter-Continental! Yes, You read that correctly, The GBG International Expansion has opened up opportunities overseas, and CEO Stuart Finger proudly announced that we established new markets in the country of Ghana. This is a GBG first, and the buzz its generating has people talking!

Early in 2011, CEO Finger had released statements regarding the company’s International Expansion, slated to begin later in the year. Currently available to those in the US and Canada,  the company had been tirelessly working to find a solution to the issue of shipping heavy bottles of liquid overseas. And that solution turned out to be the GBG Chewable Vitamin Tablets, which are far more cost effective to GBG customers living outside the US. So cost effective in fact, those Chewable Vitamins are going to travel halfway around the world from here to people in Africa! 

This expansion should also really get the juices flowing of anyone currently qualified for the World 

GBG Members Joining Together

Wide Profit Sharing Bonus Pools. After all, you’ll be up for a pay increase with the new business from Ghana coming in. If you’re not currently qualified, talk to your upline about ways to get you on the right track to being included the extra paychecks GBG hands out from the WWPSBP. You definitely don’t want to to miss out on any future payments!

Currently a customer and interested in finding out more about GBG’s money making opportunities? Feel free to shoot me an email so we can talk about your options. Now more than ever is a great time to start learning and earning with GBG.

US Residents CLICK HERE For More Information on How To Get Started

Ghana Residents CLICK HERE For More Information on How To Get Started

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