Hello my name is Keith Kearney, GBG Presidential Platinum and thanks for stopping by my blog. I decided to join GBG a little over two years ago based on a friend’s recommendation, and let me tell you this was the best decision I’ve made in a long time.

Most people that decide to get started with a network marketing opportunity are really just in it for the money, but I was interested in something else. The GBG 10 and one liquid vitamin super formula. Once I took a look at the nutrition label I knew I just needed to purchase a bottle.

Goji Berry, Amalaki Fruit and Mangosteen were just a few of the ingredients listed on the label. I also noticed the 10 separate formulas inside of one easy-to-use product. All of this for the below wholesale price of $39.97. How could I say no?

My first week using the product I noticed a huge increase in my energy levels and began realizing the product was starting to work. Within a month I was sold and ready to begin building a business with GBG.

Eventually I went on to become one of the top recruiters in the entire company by simply tapping into the power of Internet marketing. I feel like many people look at Internet marketing and become extremely overwhelmed based on things they’ve heard from other people, when in reality Internet marketing is actually very simple if you have the right mentor and the right marketing tools to plug into.

I believe in order to be a successful internet marketer you will need a few things working in your favor. First of all you need a company that has a strong track record and of course one that you can trust, so in other words do your homework before joining. It also helps if you’re marketing a product that’s affordable to the masses. In these uncertain economic times people simply cannot afford expensive monthly auto ship’s. The last thing I look for in a network marketing opportunity is a fair and lucrative pay plan.

If your opportunity doesn’t have all three you’re making it harder on yourself to achieve success. So in reality it’s not always about how hard you work or how much time you put in but more or less whether or not you are in the right vehicle. (In this case GBG would be considered the vehicle)

I joined and failed in as many as 10 or more different network marketing programs. I can’t put 100% of the blame on the companies but I do believe in working smart versus working hard, in other words choose your vehicle wisely.

If you would like more information about becoming a GBG distributor, or maybe you would like to learn more about our amazing 10 in one super formula then simply click on the link below or call me at home any time. Thanks for reading and God bless.

Keith Kearney

GBG offers an extensive line of health and nutritional products as seen below.  Although the company was started with the Liquid Vitamin (10 In One)  GBG has evolved into a Multi Products Company. GBG’s latest product, Willpower in a Bottle is an all natural safe to take energy weight loss product. It complements the 10 In One Chewable Vitamin so well Stuart Finger (CEO of GBG) decided to offer a combo pack, knocking $10 off the price if you purchase both bottles.


Willpower In A Bottlle Capsules (learn more) – Healthy Weight Loss Willpower in a Bottle Label with Facts Panel



GBG 10-In-One Super Formula



GBG 10-In-One Super Formula



MA+ Master Anioxidant
Whey Protein (learn more) – Increase Glutathione MA+ Label with Facts Panel




Meal Replacement Shake
Protein Matrix (learn more) – Low Glycemic Protein Matrix Label with Facts Panel


Global Pure Water Bottle
Fresh Water (learn more) – Filtered as you drink




GBG 10 In One Under The Magnifying Glass

If you’ve been hearing about the GBG 10 in One Formula a lot lately, its a for good reason. People everywhere who have spent the last decade running to their pharmacies for health solutions, are now turning to the produce aisle and their local farmer’s markets. But if you don’t know rutabega from turnips, then you may be looking for a simpler way to get all the natural health benefits of eating fresh. And that’s where GBG’s all inclusive 10 in One Formula comes in to play. Using GBG daily is delivering an energy packed punch to both body and mind for many people, and there’s good scientific reason behind it.

GBG’s 10 in One Fomulas contain 10 individual formulas that specifically target different parts of the body that represent problem areas for many adults. Each formula includes a combination of vitamins and mineral supplements that naturally occur in fresh foods, that most of us miss out on due to inadequate diets or even just hectic lifestyles. Imagine not feeling as fatigued or as stressed out because all of your cylinders were running at optimal conditions. GBG’s 10-in-One makes that achievable.

Do you know someone on antidepressants? Medical science commonly uses such prescription pills as Prozac, Cymbalta and Wellbutrin to help people with what is commonly believed to be a chemical imbalance in the brain that prevents nuerotransmitters from relaying signals. People seeking to take a holistic approach and avoid the doctors, have been turning to Vitamins B3, B6 and B9.

Vitamin B3, for example, helps out tryptophan in producing serotonin – probably why so much Thanksgiving turkey makes us feel warm and fuzzy. But it also aids in energy production meaning the 150% of the Daily Recommended Value available in the GBG 10-in-One Formula might just be what you’re looking for at 3pm, instead of over the counter Energy shots.

Vitamin B9 helps convert foods to simple sugars that the body uses for energy and also helps Iron to function properly in red blood cell formation. The more red blood cells you have, the more oxygen your blood can carry. which in turn also delivers more energy to your body. It is also given to pregnant women to help decrease the odds of birth defects because of its function in the DNA production process, more commonly known here as Folic Acid. GBG’s 10-in-One Formula offers up a whopping 150% of the Daily Recommended Value.

Losing sleep because closing your eyes simply just doesn’t do it anymore? B6 is one of the Vitamins that helps to regulate the Sleep Wake cycle responsible for a solid night’s sleep. If waking up rested doesn’t do it, how about helping to stave off cardiovascular disease by preventing the buildup of homocysteine in the heart. GBG’s 10-in-One serves up a daily dose of B6 that is 500% of the Daily Recommended Value.


ikeith kearney
Presidential Platinum