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wonder about those Energy Shots? I mean the commercials tell you Doctors approve them, you can find them everywhere sustenance for humans is sold and let’s face it: if you want to get anywhere in today’s world, you need a boost. Or an edge. Or a boost with an edge. (GBG Maximum Energy Shot)

But what about the other elephants in the room? The first being the monumental cost of purchasing at minimum one energy shot, over the counter a day. If you’ve got a 5 or 6 day work week, then you probably have a 5 or 6 day a week energy shot habit. That’s around $55 or $60 a month! And then there’s the potential concerns about where all that energy is coming from in

the first place. Jet fuel, butane, caffeine? Do you know which one of those is the active ingredient in most energy shots? Okay, okay, its caffeine. But did you know there’s two kinds of caffeine? Synthetic, man made caffeine is fairly inexpensive to produce and appears in much of the caffeinated products on the market. Then there’s natural caffeine, the kind that appears in coffee beans, tea leaves and other plants that grow in nature.

So honestly, which one would you choose? Sounds like a no brainer but a lot of people don’t realize that there are natural resources for caffeine like green tea that don’t carry as many side effects as man made additives like guarine. There are also many naturally recurring fruits, berries and vegetables that possess vitamins like B6 and B12 that help improve our energy levels.

Fruits like goji berries, blueberries and the acai berry all contain valuable nutrients that not only help provide steam for your engine, but flush out negative toxins and heavy metals that accrue in our systems and literally weigh us down. Much like extra weight on our outside can ruin our overall physique, a buildup of free radicals on our insides can impede us from feeling our healthiest and best.

Plain and simple you need GBG’s Maximum Energy shot. All the hours of Energy those other guys promise you, without all the unnecessary extras. GBG took out the man made caffeine, the jittery sensation and best of all: no disheartening crash. Just hours of motivation and determination from the clear headed version of yourself you always wanted your boss to meet. What could you get done if you weren’t exhaustedly tired or distractedly wired? Why not find out? Quit crashing on your 5 o’clock commute home and try something that works for a change.

Oh, and the money’s pretty good too. I mean when was the last time that Colored Farm Animal or those 24 Hour Power junkies offered you a check for sharing an energy shot with a friend?

GBG is fully prepared to do just that: pay you for all the people you share the energy shot with. Why shouldn’t you be compensated for your time, when we all know, its the most valuable thing you have?

Either way you look at it the Maximum Energy Shot just does it better. Powers you better, pays you better and keeps you energized and fit in the process. Kick your over the counter habit to the curb and start living a life powered by GBG’s Maximum Energy Shot. You’ll wonder how you ever got anything accomplished without it.

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