The new GBG marketing system is helping reps sponsor new people at astounding rates. You’ll find everything you need to run a successful GBG business inside the BackOffice of Free and Powerful. Professional capture pages,autoresponder e-mail follow-up, Youtube, safe-list, traffic exchange training, $27 instant payments, a Free downline builder, and live training to help you get off to a fast start.

I’ve already heard from a dozen people that have made well over $300 their first week with Free and Powerful. Instant $27 PayPal payments can help fund your business and put money in your pocket to cover your AutoShip. In fact you can cover your GBG monthly AutoShip with as little as two sales a month using Free and Powerful. The system also provides a way for you to capture your potential prospects information, and encourages you to follow-up with them via phone and (e-mail follow up provided by our system.)

It’s truly a no-nonsense, no hype marketing system that puts money into your pocket before you ever even introduce people to GBG. This strategy makes it easy for you to achieve profit but it also provides upfront cash to help advertise and pay other business expenses. If you can copy and paste you will understand this system.

Why did we decide to back GBG?

14 your track record, stable company, Christian ownership, affordable yet powerful products, and most of all because we believe in the company and its long-term growth. Why go through all the trouble to build a business and promote a product if you’re not absolutely sure the company will still be here 10 years from now. Many people jump from company to company following the herd simply because of marketing-hype. If they spent half that time working on building their business and seeing their commitment through to the end they would have a better chance of being successful.

Companies and products do not sell themselves. Don’t believe me? Order a thousand dollars worth of your product, pileup on the front lawn and see how long it takes to sell. It takes motivated people, leadership, and the proper system be successful with your online promotion. That is exactly what we have created with Free and Powerful.

Of course just like any other system if you don’t invest the time to learn how to promote your success will likely be minimal. On the other hand if you work hard, stay accountable to your upline, do everything in your power to drive traffic to the system and follow-up with all of your potential leads you’ll do quite well.

My name is Keith Kearney and I am one of the GBG family team leaders. I can be reached by phone at 845-849-1658 or send an e-mail to I’m looking to work with a handful of people on a personal level. So if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired get in touch with me today.

Click here to join Free and Powerful or click here to join GBG directly

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