Tuesday, February 21st is the official launch of Free and Powerful, our new GBG funded proposal. A funded proposal is simply a product or group of products that put money in your pocket to help finance the growth of your primary business. We have invested thousands of dollars and man-hours into building the perfect system for GBG. It’s free to join, easy-to-use and currently the only GBG system in the marketplace with free training and Internet marketing tools to help you build a profitable GBG home business.

Free and powerful will provide you with professionally designed capture pages proven to convert sales. The system also delivers a series of follow-up e-mails to all of your prospects that join for free. It also features a $27 optional upgrade on the front end of the system to help put money into your pocket immediately. This part of the system offers a lucrative way for you to start generating $27 payments into your paypal account.

Another great feature of the free and powerful system is the “follow me” traffic generation program. For those that use traffic exchanges to gain more exposure, you will also have the ability to build your traffic exchange downline as well.

It’s simple, people join Free and Powerful, and on the inside they will have a chance to join you in GBG. From there they will move on to the free training part of our system. If you have joined the FREE traffic exchange programs that we recommend, and plug your affiliate ID number into the proper section, you will begin receiving credit for all of the members that you refer into Free and Powerful that join you in the traffic exchanges as well.

At the cofounder of Free and Powerful I can confidently say, “This is a complete marketing system and the only GBG funded proposal that pays 100% of the commission instantly to the referrer.” That means you can cover your GBG AutoShip with as little as two Free and Powerful sales a month. A system like this could be the difference between failure and success.

I used a system just like this 2009 to slingshot myself to the top of the leader boards and quickly became known as one of the top recruiters in the whole entire company. In other words this idea has been time tested and proven to work. Free and Powerful will be available for all existing GBG reps but if you decide to join with myself or one of the other family team members we can offer you personal one-on-one training sessions with the top recruiters in GBG.

If you’re already a GBG member and would like to use our system please consult with your direct upline first and use their link to join. If your direct upline is not using Free and Powerful you can join using this link here: CLICK HERE TO JOIN. IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t join Free and Powerful until tomorrow Feb 21st as our new system has not re-launched yet and will not have GBG available until then. Thanks for your understanding and patience.


Free and Powerful Cofounder
GBG Presidential Platinum
Keith Kearney


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