If you’re considering the GBG Business Opportunity as means to additional income than the GBG Sample Packs may be your answer. I joined GBG in January of 2010, long before the Sampling system was introduced and I was able to build a strong team of network marketers and business owners.

But in January of 2011 when the GBG Sample Packs hit the scene my business more than tripled in one month. Sales were rolling in and team members that were struggling with sign ups were now having success with the new Sampling System. I myself purchased 150 kits and encouraged many of our team to do the same.

We than held a training on how to approach people with your samples and things you should and shouldn’t say when handing them out to others. Very basic stuff which is why I believe we are having success. Keep it simple and teach your people how to peak curiosity with the samples. Everybody loves FREE and your sample packs can be used as leverage.

Not very many promoting network marketing companies have the ability to sample their product via the sample system. Giving samples for FREE creates trust and rapport with your clients and is sure-fire way to win them over. If you would like to see this process in action than please click the link below to request a Free Sample and DVD!


ikeith kearney
Presidential Platinum

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