Hi I’m Keith Kearney, I am glad you found my page!
People are talking about NOVUSERA. We have great products and an incredible business opportunity, but most of all we have an awesome team! All of our leaders, upline and downline are committed to helping your success.
Our #1 mission is YOU.

Our main goal is to change lives for the better.
Some folks just love buying our products. They get what their body craves, get it delivered right to their doors and at a good price. And many of those folks want to build a business too. People have many reasons why they want to start their own home business. Whatever those reasons are, we want to help you achieve your goals. While your ultimate success is up to you, you need to know that your success is also very important to our team!

In December of 2009 I found the 10-IN-ONE and immediately noticed that it was a product that would I wanted to buy. Even now I’m still buying it every month and I know that my health is better for it! I even recorded a testimonial way back then on Youtube!

A lot has happened since then. I became one of the companies best reps with a personal team that spanned all over the USA and Canada. GBG sold the 10-IN-ONE then, and we were excited to build a new business. Now in 2016 an entirely new company has been born called NOVUSERA.

NOVUS ERA has an even better compensation plan, the 10-IN-ONE is better than ever and we have a new product line called Meedots. Our company is quickly gaining momentum, and our team is turning ordinary people into MLM Super Stars at an astounding rate!


The pay plan itself is very unique. Take the time to watch the videos in your tour and you will see that it rewards big-time to those who build their business! The NOVUSERA 10-IN-ONE is still formulated for 10 major benefits with Vitamins, Superfruits, and Minerals and now has Resveritrol and Probiotics!
Why buy the 10-IN-ONE or Meedots and also start your own business?

  • You get our team behind you!
  • Great Supplements packed with just about all your body needs.
  • Priced RIGHT
  • Delivered to your door – Easy and convenient!
  • Great health benefits!
  • FREE NOVUS ERA BUSINESS – All customers receive a FREE website. Yes, you can share this product with your friends and earn commissions on sales by you and your team!
  • Just refer new customers and you will get paid every week!

Purchasing any one product will qualify you as a new affiliate!
You get the business included!

Start earning commissions right away with your FREE Website, that you receive immediately on sign-up!

Does that sound good to you?

Introducing… PerfectLine!

PerfectLine practically builds your team for you!

When you log into PerfectLine, not only will you take a tour of NOVUSERA but you will have the opportunity to earn a paycheck every time someone joins as a new affiliate! Every PerfectLine guest shares in the profits. That means that you will have a paycheck waiting for you! Even though you did nothing, except take the FREE TOUR!

As an affiliate you will be able to use PerfectLine to build your business too!

PerfectLine is the perfect way to build your business almost effortlessly.

So, if you haven’t checked out Novus Era and PerfectLine…
What are you waiting for?

Please be my guest, click here and check out PERFECTLINE NOW!
YOU WANT TO GET NOTIFIED AND PAID when new PerfectLine members join as new affiliates!


  • FREE BLOGGING PLATFORM – Just for my team
  • Training and support
  • Build a residual income business at a pace that suits your lifestyle!

Making money with this Business Opportunity has never been easier!

I can’t be the one to say if NOVUS ERA is the right fit for you.
Taking the tour costs you nothing,

I thank GOD for this opportunity and for all the people I’ve been blessed to connect with along the way!

I’m committed to helping every new team member!

Call Me Anytime 931 202 2933


  1. Pretty insightful publish Keith. I’ve been following you for quite some time now and I must say kudos to you on building such a big GBG team.

  2. Wow, amazing blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is magnificent, as well as the content!

  3. This blog is hot! hope to hear from you soon and keep up the good work with GBG!

  4. This is an excellent blog Keith and GBG is a quality product. I’ve been using 10 in one for over a year and loving it.

  5. Fantastic job I like your design! Would genuinely love to right here your feedback on my blog! I’m also seeking for somebody to help me make internet sites!

  6. Ebony Macabeo

    I love GBG and the team support is amazing. Thanks Keith

  7. Stephen Herring

    I simply adore your site WOW! Did you know it was listed #3 in Google for GBG Business Opportunity. Good job Keith

  8. Miernie Leoncio

    Im from the Philippines and I want to start a group here, how possible is that?

  9. Glad to know you and be associated with such a great person. Good blog. NOVUSERA seems to have a really interesting marketing system and comp plan. I’m excited!

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